Scenic Approach into PAJN (RWY 26) Timelapse

As many of you will know, Juneau, one of the most scenic airports in the world, received ATC coverage yesterday. Knowing this, I decided to have some fun and record a very cool approach that I completed, inbound to the airport (You also might spot a certain developer at the end of the video). Naturally, as the raw footage was over 25 minutes, I sped it up and added some music, as with most of the stuff on my channel.

Alaska Airlines 739

In this flight, I used the “secret” RNAV approach for RWY 26 at PAJN. Below, you will find the chart I used, though I doubt it is completely consistent with that used by RL pilots.


Fantastic scenery and cool approach, thanks for sharing!

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That’s some smooth operating right there ;)

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I wonder who influenced you to post this 🤔

Great arrival!

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I loved watching this. That airport looks like it might have been a bit harder to land at though with all the mountains surrounding it.

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Very nice approach! Where did you find the charts though?

Thanks for flying into PAJN, the best airport in Alaska actually has people! Yes! Nice video too.

@Butter_Boi remember our first group flight? :’)

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Yes, so much nostalgia. Such a fun flight, the good ol’ days of our group flight PM, when we had 4 peeps and before it was a chat room. Those were the days. Such a nice flight.

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