Scenic and Aesthetic Shots

Scenic and Somewhat Aesthetic Shots

Hi everyone! I hope that this period of isolation is treating y’all well. Because of such circumstances, I’m able to fly more and with that comes some great snaps! So today I present to you some pics that, in my opinion, deserve a spot on this thread. I’ll provide some info such as route and time.

United B78X @ Hawaii

First off I bring to you this glowing Dreamliner. The route flown was KSFO-NZAA and honestly flying the pencil across the Pacific was different than usual. You don’t see Hawaii, but I was overhead as the sun set. Total time- 12:53

Jackson Hole and the TBM @ KJAC

If you haven’t been to Jackson, then this is a must see! Flying from Missoula, the TBM wing coupled with the sun kissed mountains are a beautiful sight to see. Total time- 0:57

Alaska A320 @ MMSD

This flight was between San Jose and San Jose. Yeah that’s right, you can fly from SJC-SJD, which to me is amazing and humorous. As we approach final, this mountain serves as a perfect backdrop to the photograph. I’m taking this time to explore more of Russia in a career mode trajectory (depart arriving airport etc.).Total time- 2:28


The Dutch baby about to land in St. Petersburg, Russia from Amsterdam The sun, the glowing runway, and overall the timing of this photograph is well done. From here, I decided to explore the rest of Russia (more on that later). Total time- 2:25

Kenya Airways B788 @ KJFK

It was IFATC at home day, so there’s no better way to start it than to fly right back home! So I decided to hop on the 788 and fly all the way from Nairobi. And what better way to arrive than with the Canarsie Visual! @Joseph_Spinner was Tower and let me tell you I loved this experience. Total time- 14:56

Aeroflot A320 @ UNNT

So here I am flying from UUEE to Abakan (UNAA). Perfect red-eye flight and the sun begins to rise over Novosibirsk. The engine glow is beautiful to me and with less than 1 hour remaining in flight , it was surely a sight to witness. Total time- 4:17

TBM 930 @ KASE

These next shots were taken today. Decided it was a good time to fly to Aspen from Burbank to try that approach. Wasn’t as bad but the charts told me that I had to land with a 6.5 degree glide slope. But here’s the vid]ew from the flight deck. Total time- 2:10

Runway 26R Lineup @ KLAS

Here are only 7 planes all lined up in order waiting to depart Vegas. Also I kinda make these guys jealous as I lift off runway 19L in the background. @Tsumia, do you spot yourself here? :)

Evening SWA Lineup @ KLAS

As the day comes to a close in Vegas, all the aircraft still operate in full swing. Seen here is something special: All 3 Southwest liveries at once! The Canyon Blue one is me arriving from Reno. Total time- 1:00

So that’s about it, more shots will come soon, I promise you! I hope everyone is staying safe and adhering to social distancing guidelines. While the aviation industry is crippled IRL, IF is thriving with activity.

Quick side note:
Should I post individual screenshots from select flights?

  • Of course
  • Hmm this format is better

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Yeep. I was heading to Reno.

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Awesome photos! I’m assuming this Las Vegas shots were after you landed, after you passed me on your flight down 😉

I’m a big fan of posting the screenshots in this format, because when posting this format vs one photo, this makes it seem like there was a lot more effort put in!

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Well yeah it was at LAS after passing you. But what I meant in the poll was like individual screenshots from only one flight (like what you do) :)

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Ahhh, Im actually probably going to start mixing it up so maybe you should too. I’ll probably have normal pairs with photos from certain flights and then maybe every couple weeks have some photos from flights I didn’t post in a compilation. You could maybe try something like that!

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