Scenic 1 hour flights

Hey IFC!

Me and my friend plan to do a 1-hour short flight, from anywhere in the world, preferably somewhere in Asia.

Any recommendations for scenic routes?

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One option is linked above. Thanks @Mags885!!

Also, remember that the search feature is always your friend! There are probably tons of “route suggestions?” topics previously created!


100% agree, google is also a useful tool - unsurprisingly.

Search for scenic approaches or challenging airports and plan a flight to them from anywhere between 400-500 miles out and BAM! You have a scenic flight that you created yourself!

Build a list of these on your notepad, with your favourite airline and aircraft to make a small library of these you can repeat and share with people.

Happy flying.

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There is a new 2020 edition post out there.

Check out the Rome to Genova one, really scenic


RJCC to RJAA would be a nice option with views of Hokkaido and greeted by the beauty of Tokyo Bay at the end of your flight. Not to mention that both airports are featured in today’s FNF (with RJAA as a hub)

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