Just something I’d like to point out after some pictures I saw on the ATC Schedule. Agree or Disagree, the scenery and game looked better 5 years ago? Yes, not as many features, but it looked better. The water looked more realistic and the ground was more defined. You could see exact buildings and streets. This is my opinion, but I wish it was still like that but with all the newest updates. Here is a picture showing


The scenery was like that because we only had small regions, which means less data was used. But now we have the globe and it’s using more data, which is also more expensive.


That is true, now that I think of it. But in the future it is possible given the amount of profit.

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Absolutely disagree, but you’re entitled to your opinion and it’s appreciated!

The scenery shown here was simply auto-gen, meaning it repeats itself with absolutely no relation to that particular area. Singapore and San Diego would essentially look the same, all airports were on the same bed of generic green or brown land, and the water was given some visual upgrades by way of reflection that was nothing more than eye-candy. While it certainly looked pretty, it was in no way a realistic representation of that location! When you explore the world now you can actually get a good feeling and idea of what that part of the world has to offer, whether it’s the unique terrain color, outlines, or shade of water, all of which is actual satellite imagery. Try to imagine doing a flight from South Africa to London with our old scenery? You’d be looking at the same handful of scenery, none of which matches the location, for hours and hours.

Perhaps the few tiles which repeated are more clear back in the day, though it’s to be expected if you only have a few repeating squares to render. Our goal for the future is to continue improving low-level scenery quality and clarity. We’ve come a long ways in the last 5 years and I have no doubt it’ll be even more incredible in another 5 years.



While it’s true that you had more details in the scenery, the scenery wasn’t the real one but just some landscape, the same anywhere. Therefore I disagree that it was better (and do fully agree with @Tyler_Shelton) The details were better, yes, but they weren’t the right details nor depicting reality at all.

Today’s scenery on the other side shows us the world in its beauty!

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I loved the water, but there are all its ups and downs. The water being the same colour for where ever you go, and the scenery being auto gen-d. I prefer today`s scenery, but wish that we could have different shaded waters! (The islands wouldn’t render well though)

I definitely prefer the next couple of updates, I can`t even imagine the amount of depth will go into future builds! Either way, I think Infinite Flight hasn’t stopped evolutionising (not a word) itself, making amazing progress from a graphical detail point of view.

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The only thing I liked about pre-global scenery was that water reflection of the sun/moon


The scenery wasn’t better in my opinion (except for water). Look how the afternoon was it’s a lot better now. It looked so dark from what I see in these pictures.

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I can notice from here that the scenery looked a little more sharper than before. But that does not mean it looked better before. 🙂

Yeah but different places have different water colours and the satellite imagery does that but with the old water it’s the same

All I have to say is this:
Back then I think the water looked WAY BETTER
But I think we all can agree the game was way laggier and now the game is smooth for the most part
Now at least we have different color waters
And lastly, I think the landforms are so much more details, mountains, volcanoes,
Overall, I like the scenery way better than back then!


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