Scenery update

There is no doubt the infinite flight is probably the best flight simulator out there but I keep noticing that the scenery is not always that realistic for example this is the Superdome in Infinite Flight

And this is the Superdome from a satellite image it would be nice if infinite flight had more realistic scenery

Here’s a big problem: satellite imagery is stupidly expensive. Thousands and thousands of dollars would have to be poured into acquiring scenery such as the one used by Apple.

Check this out, I think it’s pretty similar to what you’re asking for. :]


Yeah ok and then phones will overheat. Perhaps in another 3-5 years but for now we are working on clouds.


They already overheat… maybe Project Metal will fix some issues and then that’ll open up doors for better imagery, among other things.

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This is a duplicate like Pingu said. :)

I think I’m more interested in getting topographical info for the areas above I think 50 degrees north and south? ie ALASKA and NORWAY

60th not 50th.

That’s what it is, yah, I’m sure it’d be difficult but it is a huge missing piece in my eyes.

Yeah, it’s a pretty big area.

Fjords of norway and denali national park, two great areas for vfr.

True, I live in AK, and Anchorage is a city almost surrounded by mountains, but since it’s above the 60th parallel line, all its mountains are flat.