Scenery update and more


Great Work! I’m so happy that Africa is now covered! Let’s go FDS!


They’re working on multiple aircrafts!


This’s very exciting! Thank you devs!


Excellent work guys!


Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s the A-10


I noticed the change this afternoon but I wasn’t sure. Two weeks ago I flew out of Iceland and I was disappointed with the scenery, when I flew in there today I was surprised that it look that good.

Looks amazing, thanks!


Please use the #features category to search for an aircraft that you’d like to be considered for development. By voting for an aircraft, you are showing that there is interest for that aircraft.


I agree with you on this! Maybe they will possible edit the f-16 a bit as well


This is amazing! I know that this has been said a lot, but thanks so much to everyone who has worked on this!
I can’t wait to fly in the pacific islands :)


Please do the Micronesian islands in the Pacific. the United island hopper islands


“We should be able to add the rest of the world (including South America) by the end of the year. The regions that we don’t have yet are usually regions with heavy cloud cover that are harder to process.”

@Mc_Cain, please read this; It was stated that everywhere in the world will have 15m resolution. (Hopefully by the end of 2018)


Sorry if this is an off topic thought, but maybe the planes that were updated, are the planes that they are working on?🤔 Again sorry if this doesn’t belong here. :)


Wow!!! This is how the new Capetown looks! Great job FDS!


Holy wow FDS! Keep up the amazing work! The global update was well worth the $119 AUD and with the updates you guys push it always get’s even better!


Thanks for the hard work FDS, looking forward to what’s to come!


Cool!! Im looking forward to play the region with all coverage high quality scenery:)


FDS, your awesome! Thank you so much for this!


It looks to me like the Pilatus PC-12.


I will definetly head off to Kilimanjaro now, last time I went was in the first week of global and very sad to see it was just a few kilometres off the 15m area

But may I ask, will Antarctica ever get 15m scenery, or at least the coastline where interesting things like dry valley are?


Will antartica be done ?