Scenery update and more


Sorry @aviationex_91190! Very good point!


Good job love the CRJ can’t wait


Thank you FDS!!! Keep making Infinite Flight the best flight simulator ever!!


“That update is carrying, deep into the device stores, and that update is outta here! Grand slam for FDS once again!”

Truly some remarkable work carried out by FDS! Every time I see a new topic created by any of the devs, I always take it as a positive, and a new milestone till the next update arrives. Keep it up!


Nope. Just checked it out and none of those islands are covered


Really thankful for this! Keep up the good work, we appreciate it! Really excited to explore Cape Town! I think it’s going to look stunning


Well some brand new teasers and updates. Seems good so far. A job well done FDS!👍👌


That sucks. Maybe next time…


Hoping for South east Asia 🇵🇭next year. The new HD scenery looks amazing!!! 😱😱😱 As always FDS never disappoints the community!! Keep up the great work!!


Wow!!Congratulations and Good Job
It is with great quality. As we expected from the work of the FDS I am now looking forward to South America in HD
I trust the FDS


Thank you infinity flight family proud to be part of this global community


That’s what the original post said


Very happy to see the production come along with this game. Can’t wait for what the future holds


Good to hear. I’ve been waiting to see Iguazu Falls since Global came out. When the South America announcement for the scenery update comes out you should definitely include it in one of the pitctures


Bora Bora is my new favorite place to fly. Thanks FDS! ♥️


At NTTP with @Nate_Schneller and Anton. Such a beautiful update!!!


Woah that all looks amazing. “Next gen of aircraft” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? ;) As always, y’all at FDS do a stellar job at making this the best mobile flight sim. Keep it up! Now, how about panning out a bit on that video shot?

Looks like everyone seems convinced about a A-10. If so, looking forward to a revisit of the military in IF. Once this happens, there will be absolutely no plane with eyesore graphics… at this point, only the A-10, FA-18 and C-17 remain :)


Oooooooooooo so many more awesome approches are now open for business! As always, great work!


Great news to see this, just south america remaining. But Africa is huge, we have a vast continent to explore.


Great job to the whole team! Everything looks amazing! I’ll be sure to update my review.