Scenery update and more


I am very happy that you have informed us with this new update … I hope that 2018 will be a nice year … With many new but also renewed aircraft will be … Hopefully it will soon be faster and better times to scrape something applies to us.


hahahaha Cape Town is getting busy right now


Reset IF and clear cache


An updated A10 would be awesome. If it came with a magic red button that makes a savage sounding “Brrrrt” sound, I’d be a very happy man!


awesome now i can do flights to the islands with air nz :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Also the beacon light in the vid seems offset with the gear, that I suspect is because on the A10 the gear is off centered, and the beacon is not…


Iceland looks stunning with its glaciers, lakes, volcanoes and its numerous peninsulas! Takk fyrir!


It’s a bummer but part of my tour was in Iceland and I got there before the update. I’ll have to go back and see how it looks now! Must be a massive jump from the older version.


Glad to know FDS is continueing to make the scenery. Defo gonna be flying to Kilimanjaro. It looks sooooo good!!! Great job!


Looks to me to be the XFV-1 pogo


A new A-10??? Absolutely amazing!! Keep up the great work FDS! 😱😁😜👍🏻


Neither look at the doors for the gear storage…


Wow! Looks Beautiful Just amazing!


It’s the XFV-1 “pogo”


I have to agree with you @ryan06, it must be the A10 rework!


Speculating impossible ideas won’t make them happen


You never know @AndrewRG10 ;)


No it really doesn’t actually.


I’m just giving a positive opinion


Take it into a PM dude. Plus, the Devs haven’t released any information about the a330.