Scenery update and more


I missed Tahiti by one day. Just yesterday I flew out of Papetee… well, next time I suppose! I am very excited by this new scenery update! Can’t wait to fly in Siberia and Southern Africa. The future looks really bright.


They said in their previous update announcement that once they solve the CRJ performance hurdle, future aircraft will be more frequent.


Wow! Can’t wait to fly out of Africa! Truly looks beautiful, Great Job FDS! Btw, I think we can all conclude that the video is of an A-10.


The CRJ is still well within a “regular frequency” as it’s only been 5 months since our last release. That said, we did encounter areas we wished to improve on which is the reason for some extended development.

Like most work we do, it’s with the future in mind. A delay on the CRJ also sets the ground work for future models which means the frequency can increase.

Take the B787 for example. We spent extra time figuring out wing flex and implementing it to our satisfaction but now this is a rather simple feature we’ve been able to include moving forward without much “figuring out”. We appreciate your patience and support!


Every time you post a reply I know it’s going to be good! Great job Tyler and all of FDS! You guys are the reason I keep my hopes up.


I’ve been gone for a while. And now, I come back to the community and see some new imagery and a hint for a new plane.

Looks great as always. I don’t want to play plane guessing though, I like surprises. Can’t wait to see the final version, as well as the CRJ.


Thank you for the reply!


Here is a good photo illustrating the gear doors.
Granted the video depicts three different doors, which the A-10 only has two. While not everything there lines up, I think it might be safe to say that there is either a slight mistake in the early model presented by FDS, or there really is a third door that is only there on some models, which this picture does not depict.
This photo also shows how there is that pad on the back of the wheel that is also present in the video.

Keep in mind, that just because there are a few abnormalities, much of the design seems to line up with the A-10 so far. Also keep in mind, that while developers have commented on other aircraft, they have steered clear of any comments of an A-10 so far.


Along with this navigation update we have added the “lost” waypoints that a couple of users reported missing last time round.

If there are still some missing we will be happy to add them in due course.


Navigation Editor


Awesome news guys! I’m glad to hear that you guys are working hard for the CRJ, and a few new Aircraft.

I’m still confused on what aircraft is in that video lol, anyone know?


Is this causing scenery issues everywhere else? My scenery around ORD is bad, really bad like it was in Africa before. I have been flying for about 5 hours now and this just started so my scenery hasn’t been updated. Or is this something else?


Have you tried clearing the scenery cache?


You have to restart the game from scratch. try it


Hold on. Let me try that!


Or be patient like he suggested. The server is probably under some pressure.


I will do that. I don;t want to restart my flight so that is the best option


Its better if you create a support topic if you’re really having an issue. This is not the correct topic for creating such issues.


Thank you FDS for updating the area. You are wonderful. Keep it up. 👍


Okay. My fault. Amazing update though!


Loving the new scenery! Thanks for all the hard work at continuing to improve the sim.