Scenery update and more


Still enjoying africa a week later!


Afrika is Lekker! (Africa is great in Afrikaans!)


We already have the A10 (which is in desperate need of a rework. I thought it said it was a new Aircraft i.e one we dont currently have in IF


Patience is a virtue. Don’t worry, it is loading…


Finally I can fly to Cape Town.


Emphasis on couple. It could be the A10 rework, a non airliner turboprop, and maybe other things. Never lower the bar when it comes to FDS.
See you on the horizon!


Fixed 👍


Hopefully the teaser is the a350 but i doubt it.


Literally everyone has agreed the “secret” plane is an A-10.
NOT the a350


can someone explain to me what are the yellows and non-yellow so does that mean anything in the yellow is covered?

  • Yellow is what is now covered by the HD imagery.

  • Non-Yellow is what still needs to be covered. The quality isn’t as good as the yellow shaded areas.


Cant wait for the indonesia region. Papua new guinie etc. will offer some stunning flights.


I agree… it would be stunning


what’s the difference on the map with the regions? i don’t understand what makes the map look so different
is it the brown land or airport change i just dint understand.


It’s better quality imagery meaning it looks more realistic from above in these new areas also covered by it. The differences are astronomical.


OK… i heard something about airports in Russia and other country’s had been updated with better scenery is that true or was that a myth?


Yes if you look at the map with the updated imagery Russia is now pretty much fully covered. Looks like you need to do some flying there to enjoy it ;)


I have been guessing for a month can someone please tell me what it is?


I guess i need to do some scenery flight’s :) lol


What do you need help with understanding?