Scenery update and more


It clearly looks the same obviously the sim wont be dead accurate🤷🏽‍♂️


More only, is their job. Setting new standards makes Infinte Flight infinitely more beautiful.


Great work guys! Looking forward to checking out the new scenery, especially Africa and those Pacific Islands!


Dang those are some pictures to live for! Tahiti is beautiful and Kilimanjaro looks awesome. Might convince me to start operating flights in Africa!


This is epic! I can’t wait for the weekend now as it’s the only time I can really fly more than 2+ hours and explore. Thanks FDS!!!


Thanks a lot for this!
Just, could you please have a look at the Kilimanjaro region because there are still some issues (already pointed out by other community members). Please check this undefined area close to Kilimanjaro (on the other side with respect to Kilimanjaro airport). Please note I cleared cache twice and restarted app.




Loving the new scenery. Thanks, FDS!


They have been saying they would add some GA aircrafts now instead of airliners. Can’t wait to see what they are!


You might need to clear your scenery cache before starting a flight (Settings -> General -> Clear Cache (at the bottom of the list))


Hi Philippe, I did it twice actually, but it didn’t change.


I flew just above you last night in the same area there and saw the same thing , I also did clear the cache and it was still present . Will try again before flights and see if any improvement


Unfortunately I can’t repro here. It might be an issue with the CDN that should resolve itself. We will continue investigating.


I’m still seeing low def scenery here as well


Try installing the app and see if that works


I’ve seen the same thing s few times flying over Africa now, it seemed to just be lagging behind a bit. It updated and fixed its self as I flew closer.


You are actually seeing both. I suspect you’re somewhere around Kilimanjaro by the looks of it? As you get closer to it, it should improve. Not sure why it’s not showing as high def until you get closer, might be the distance or something with the CDN as Philippe mentioned.


CDN? Yeah but it wasn’t changing to high def as I got closer.


I had that problem at first but after a few minutes circling the mountain it all changed.


Woow, I am so jealous that you guys are enjoying all this and I am stuck here studying for iGCSE’s, barely have time for anything.

Anyways, it’s a matter of 2-3 weeks and I shall be enjoying with you guys

In addition well done FDS, That is really a huge expansion and improvement, cannot wait to fly soon!


I have a super important exam too. It’s going to be on June 2nd. After that, everyone should see me participating in every single event👌🏻