Scenery update and more


Pretty sure most of Antarctica would look the same clouds or no clouds 😂


Amazing work Infinite Flight Devolpment team! The work you gives us much fun for long hours, I love how you guys are adopting higher standards all of us love new planes and scenery. We all appreciate your hard work into this amazing game!


I’m pretty sure they said the areas not included are due to constant clouds in the surrounding areas preventing them from getting the ground details.


You clearly didn’t read the first three words. Dry Valley is not white as it hasn’t rained/snowed in millions of years


Exactly! no one has Patience you just summed up everything!


Just another shoutout to the Devs, thank you so much for all the countless hours, challenges, and especially all the hard work you put in. This update has just blown me away! So thank you! Maybe could you add a few more African liveries.🙃

This warms my heart. Thank you again Devs! ❤️


I have been flying in African for the past two days and noticed a surge in flights. Now I know why, keep up the good work!! Thanks


Me right down the bottom of the Indian Ocean, currently an hour out from YSSY doing FAOR-YSSY


Looks great! I love that the scenery keeps updating. Makes me want to look at even more routes 😂


I recommend Air France 777-200ER Paris - LA - Tahti or other way round or 787-9 Auckland - Rarotonga - LA.


Hmmmmmmmmmm, Is it the CRJ by any chance?


So… I’ve been controlling on Expert and saw a dev and his aircraft was not displayed (no image). So it’s not CRJ. Also, on the map he was displayed as GA aircraft. So I highly doubt A-10. Start thinking about GA, guys!


Multiple planes are being worked on. A GA and a potential A-10


I love to scroll through these and see all the conspiracy theories people have worked up lol, next thing ya know Jesse Ventura is going to be showing up to do a show on it😂 But my guess it’s the A-10, why? Well look up Moody AFB, that’ll most likely explain that!


I really hope so! :)


Amazing Work, well done FDS 😍


It looks like the spitfire for some reason but im probably wrong


I think we can all agree it’s an A-10 Rework it that teaser…


Wow! Great job Devs. I haven’t flown since Dec 2017, busy with work and school. I tried to wait until the CRJ release but just couldn’t wait any longer seeing this beautiful scenery so i’m happy to announce i’m back with a brand new Pro Subscription.


To be honest with the CRJ i like how its gonna be a new generation of plane in IF but i am already so happy with the standards that the MD-11 and 787 where made to and actually i dont feel that the Devs need to make the standards any higher, like the planes are beautiful! Especially that its proving to have impacts on performance which on a mobile simulator is quite important to sort out.

Anyway looking forward to the new planes and the CRJ whenever they come out!