Scenery update and more


I’m sorry to bother, but on my Infinite Flight central Russia and Indian Ocean islands were updated, but not the Pacific islands. How can I solve this?
Thanks in advance!


Try clearing scenery cache and restart Infinite Flight


Infinitely sorry for my ignorance, how do I do that?


Go to settings–>general–>scroll down–>TA DA! XD


I’m terribly sorry for keeping writing here, but is General>Ipad Storage>Infinite Flight>offload app?
Because I don’t see the word cache and again I’m so sorry for all this.


No it is in infinite flight settings


What? No, settings in Infinite Flight!

Aww man! @Delta350 beat me to it XD


I’m terribly stupid. So sorry for disturbing you, gentlemen.
Again thank you very much!


I hope its a Saab 340. That plane looks sick to fly :D


the beautiful Azores! Thanks DEVs


It’s been said before about this.


That’s not anything new :) It’s been there since the launch of Global.


Really? Every time I spawned it was low graphics. Wierd.


Thanks to the developers for opening up Africa to all. Addition of more African liveries would enrich the experience even more.


Just thinking, if this is legitimate, I’m shocked at how far IF devs have come progress wise with regards to designing their visual models.

Additionally, was just thinking… IF used to release updates way more often than they do now. I wonder why :) needless to say, I hate waiting. Lol. But thank you guys so much for the time and effort put into something that is more than likely not your primary job.


Updates have actually been at similar intervals since as early as 2015. March, summer and December. If anything we are now getting more updates and FDS are working even harder to make IF the best sim on the market.


I’d much rather have quality over quantity (expedited equals rushed, untidy and unkept delivered product) as seen with product development and release throughout the world. I think that FDS’ core values exemplify a continued commitment to its patrons and a cognitive effort delivered from a such small group of true enthusiasts shows that they are thoroughly focused on the now and the foreseeable future.

Enjoy that lovely new scenery all!


I was very excited😍😃😍, with an new scenery update on Infinite Flight, yesterday I tried fly from FACT-EGLL, and when I looked into my eyes down then looked at him and saw the view in Africa, the scenery was cool and amazing, but I’m still waiting for the update latest, for other scenery, especially Southeast Asia and South America region, I really appreciate and i be happy with this update!😉🙂


Exactly, just like Chris said.

This also goes for people who ask about the CRJ. Would you rather have it rushed and unfinished, or finished and enjoyable to fly? I know what I want… :)

But, the scenery is very nice FDS! Very proud of your work you’ve put into this game.


Awesome job FDS!! I shall give you a 10/10 rating