Scenery update and more


Excellent addition to the HD Scenery FDS!

Roland Garros Airport (Saint-Denis, Réunion) to Charles de Gaulle

Special Thanks to @MishaCamp for showing me this awesome route!


What airport is that


BIKF (Keflavik Reykjavik airport) @KeonAnthony


well this would be fun to land on!


FDS - you have heard this a million times - but you rock! Thank you for making our experience even better!


How do I get the he scenery


Just fly to that area.


i recenty saw this on live flight Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar




It’s most likely an aircraft/livery not added to the LiveFlight database. No biggie at all.


Oh okay…Well thanks


HA! I know the aircraft :D. It‘s the CRJ 900. I found it out because of the call sign adria airways and wikipedia. Adria airways has only a DHC-800 and a CRJ-900.


I show up as this aircraft flying the Alaskan Airlines A320. It just means it is not in LiveFlight. The point being don’t always assume it is some super secret plane.


Also Adria isn‘t unknown to me. I saw them on the dresden airport from Dresden to Prague with an CRJ-900.


McDonnell Douglas DC-10


Thanks a lot for the new scenery, looking forward to exploring it with this week’s schedule for ATC!


Sorry, did i miss this was topic to discuss possibly mysterious aircraft seen on LiveFlight? ;)


Ehm…Adria also operates A320 family planes


Have you seen it while you were flying? That’s Joe’s callsign. He might’ve been flying the new aircraft which doesn’t show anything but the callsign.


I’m already hyped a lot. New scenery and now suspension, i’m happy. Just imagine if they secretly add gear tilt. :P