Scenery update and more


I might be Cessna A340! Look at this wings! And as FDS said it will be not an Airliner, it will be prop plane.
Now look


Awww…sadly gear isn’t from that aircraft


I am so happy that we can fly around Southern Africa now! Tambo is amazing, and the Drackensburg will be great! 🍾

From what I can see the nose gear looks closest to the PC12, along with the wing. It would make sense since it is Tyler’s favourite aircraft, although correct me if I’m wrong.


Funny you say my favorite aircraft… is one of my favorite aircraft but you’re a bit off. Think about where I work! 😉


To understand what Tyler meant: According to his interview, he works at Moody AFB in Georgia. And look what I found on Wikipedia:

A lot of A-10s as you can see. And additionally, according to his interview, his favorite aircraft is the F-15.

Now, let’s get back on topic. Lol.


I was in ground control for that display. RIP. 😰 #triggered


Well done DEVS… One more positive feedback to all of you!!


Obviously there are a few aircraft in (re)work. I imagine the CRJ was expected as aircraft release on its own. But due to the delay is there a possibility another aircarft comes in the “CRJ Update”?



I don’t think that is an airport… looks more like the Space Elevator Project… and l don’t think it is secret anymore since we are apparently working with the Ruskies to get our astronauts to the ISS !!!


I don’t know what it is but I reckon it’s going to be GOOOOOD!!!


The quality of the aircraft are amazing, fingers crossed one of these new aircraft are a plane I love irl. Even if isn’t I don’t mind will be awesome to fly these great aircraft anyway.

Started playing in 2012 flying a 717 around Sydney by myself on my iPod touch. Now flying on my IPad 2018 from Auckland to Houston in a highly detailed 787-9 with 100’s of other pilots around the world with realistic atc, with great high quality satellite imagery.

Good job FDS great to see this sim become amazing.


Finally I now can fly to Mauritius with Beautiful scenery


Oh joy, and yay and all those Happy things you’re supposed to say


Its the A-10 it looks like a twin😂


So that means helicopters confirmed? Lol


This is awesome! Finally, Iceland! (Unfortunately no terrain, but still looks much better at cruise.) Now to just get hyped to see some 15m in the Torres del Paine area…


Haha 😂 yes it beautiful and challenging


I am so thankful for Midway Atoll because it is the main outpost for Osean Air Defense Force! Thanks FDS :)


Great work with the scenery. I don’t want to sound pessimistic but I think I speak for a large portion of the community that’d prefer if the CRJ was released and to an amazing standard before developing other aircraft…?


The CRJ is still in development. In order to minimise the time lost with optimising and bug fixing, developing more aircraft in the meantime will be more beneficial.


I know a lot of people are in want of the CRJ. Everyone is, but asking for it won’t speed up the process. It takes time to make a whole new Aircraft. They had nothing to work off of when they started. The CRJ will come, just give it time