Scenery update and more


When I’ve flown over it when doing Perth- St Maarten, I’ve found the only blurry thing is the coastline (because Antarctica is a giant white mass bigger than the US) One hopes they at least do the coastal area’s where everything is interesting

And Dry Valley will be easy to get imagery. There should be no clouds as it hasn’t rained/snowed in millions of years


Antarctica is part of the world, and FDS is planning to have the whole world equipped with 15 meter scenery, so yes, it will be covered eventually.


Thanks for the update. The approach into FACT RWY 19 facing Table mountain is amazing


Thanks for this awesome news, FDS! I’m really excited as I often fly above African continent lately. I’m looking forward to see South East Asia and South America in new imagery sometime in the future ;)

Thanks for your hard work, as always.


Excellent work for mods always innovating the simulator


I am currently flying at 35,000 feet and am around 50 nm from Iceland on my way to KSFO and can make out details like mountains and icecaps. This is truly amazing.


Looks very similar indeed :)
But I think it’s the A10 :)


Following Laura to check the new scenery haha. Will not make it there though ;)


I just want to point out a few things that make this update truly awesome.

  1. It has completely opened the pacific region with so many options.
  2. All of Africa is now open with its truly remarkable scenery and stunning approaches. It is something I have been looking forward to for a while.
  3. It makes Ultra Long hauls an even more exiting experience as there is constantly changing and detailed scenery for thousands of miles.
  4. Iceland which I am sure many pass over on Europe to North American flights now has detailed scenery.


Good try Dush 😂
You can still hope though… 😂


Now I can do Air New Zealand flights going to the pacific without landing next to land which is literally just a darker shade of blue then there ocean 😂.


Thanks for all the hard work FDS, looking forward to the CRJ and the A-10 update :D

Hopefully by the end of the year I can come back to Singapore and can land somewhere that isn’t 70% airport and barely any land :)

We can always dream!

At this rate it’s more likely my beloved Concorde will be here before the A350, lol


I like how you’re pulling a Steve Jobs with that one. Thank you for your work on updating the scenery and bringing in new aircraft.


I just completed a flight from Mauritius to Johannesburg, and the scenarios I’ve seen are all great. Congratulations on your work.


Soon we will be able to make our planes low-riders! Great job FDS!


Manas international airport (UCFM) needs correction.

Big problem with UCFM

Come on. It literally says in the original post that it should be here by the end of the year as it is harder to process because of the cloud cover.


I don’t see anything wrong with the photo? Maybe you should get your eyes checked, all I see is the beautiful new scenery.

Jokes aside, I think this is the thread for you- Airport Inaccuracies - What should I do?


The airport is being fixed now by our amazing Airport Editing Team (Mr. @Ryan_E is fixing it as we speak)

Thanks for pointing that out to us and we hope that you are enjoying the new scenery!



Also really pleased Africa is now 100% covered