Scenery Rendering Problems

Hello. I have been experiencing this issue where there is blurry scenery in some parts of the world. I am en route from TJSJ to KMCO. The scenery is beautiful in some parts of the carribbean, others were blurry as heck. My global server has the check mark next to it in the system status. It could be because of switching between 15m and 500m sattelite imagery. I would appreciate some feedback/responses. Thanks!

Try clearing the scenery cache by going to Settings > General > scroll down to “Clear Scenery Cache” and click on it.
You might have to do it multiple times.

Could I do that during a flight?

Yes, you can. You won’t have any problems. (That’s also the reason why the devs added this option.)

Ok I will give that a try

Some of the scenery has come back, but some is still blurry. I’ve done it three times already

Try turning off the WiFi (or turn on flight mode) until you lose connection to the Global server and then turn it back on (flight mode off). Clear the scenery cache again and move the camera a bit. See if this helps.

Ok it worked. Thanks @Starley


@Starley 👏👏👏👏