Scenery not loading/refreshing

Scenery isn’t loading or refreshing during my flight, there was a red warning for Global Server, had to land on a plain field without any markings.
I have tried restarting my app and updated navigation database, checked replay and still same problem.

Hey there!

Try clearing your scenery cache via settings next time this happens. This normally works all the time this happens to me.

The same is happening to me, scenery wasn’t loading properly as I was just landing at KSLC and literally the entire runway disappeared once I touched down.

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Pretty sure it’s a server-sided issue with the global server right now. The staff should be quick to work on this issue if they haven’t already.

If the “Global Server” icon was red, then it seems to be a server issue. Take a look at this comment from Chris on another topic about the same issue :)

Seems like a lot of people are having this problem. I had this issue around 7:00PM est, but now everything seems good.

There is already a topic on this as Z-Tube points out and it does seem to be a server issue.

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@Colin_Bondi Indeed it was. According to Chris, the servers are back up and running :)