Scenery not loading in properly.

While approaching into Heathrow on the Expert server I realised that half my scenery had loaded in for Heathrow. Tried clearing the scenery cache which didnt work. However when I went around for another approach it loaded back in. However, same thing happened again so I didn’t know what to do but leave the game. I’m using an IPad mini 3 IOS11.4 can anyone help?

. If you look further in you can see the airport is only half loaded.

Are you on cellular or WiFi? How strong is your connection?

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WiFi is strong I’ve had no problem with being disconnected from the server. I’m running on TalkTalk

I see that you have airplane dots enabled but I’m not sure about your other settings. Did you have any lag? Heathrow has been extremely busy today. Maybe you have to lower your settings a bit.

Did you see any orange or red icons in your upper right corner at all?

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The only lag I had was when I was departing out of Manila bound for Heathrow. Other than that everything went smooth. I had an API warning when approaching but it seemed normal for me. The global server was working fine.

The only thing we could recommend at this point is to lower your graphics rendering and quality settings, you could disable things like airplane dots as well. I took off from EGLL earlier and demanding on my device and it was quite busy. Make sure you restart your device before flights and close any background apps to keep things fresh.

Yeah I just restarted the app and it seemed to work fine. Strange… I’ll take your advice and see if it works well. Thanks for the advice 👍🏾

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One other thing we forgot is to ensure you have enough storage readily available too. You can have a look in your devices settings.

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Ok thanks. I’ve got about 4Gb of storage left