Scenery not loading for long haul flights

I’ve attempted many long haul flight and everytime I am unable to land because the scenery does not load. I’ve cleared my cache and uninstalled the app, but the problem still persists. Anyone know a fix or why my scenery isn’t loading.

This is a known issue with infinite flight. What I found works is I clear the cache several times until it stays. It seems like a fairly stupid thing to do but it works for every single time.

Here are the steps if you need them:

Clear Scenery Cache - Try first time and return to the flight
Clear Scenery Cache 2 - Try again and see if it works, if not keep trying
Clear Scenery Cache 3 - Switch the camera angles to outside and inside the aircraft as well as making sure you switch between the outside of the aircraft as well until you get the desired results, clear the cache between each camera switch.

I hope this helps!

I’ve reset cache several times but the problem still persists.

For example, I did a long haul flight to Australia and when I checked on my device again all I saw was stars

Don’t forget to restart your device for a longhaul flight. Minimize even the number of your replays. Don’t set your aircraft counts and graphics oon high. Just clearing scenery cache will likely not help much.

Okay thanks, I will try those other steps

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