Scenery Not Loading and Game Crashing

I was doing a longer flight from Miami to Seattle when as I was on final, I realized the scenery wasn’t loading in. Then soon after my game crashed. That was when I realized I wasted over 6hrs of my life trying to play this game. I cleared scenery cache and restarted the app before my flight. Ever since I got my iPad Air 3rd Gen, I’ve had nothing but constant problems with IF. My settings are also not the highest also. I am really getting sick of these issues. I can’t even enjoy the game I pay $80 a year on. I am just so fed up with it at this point, and my subscription ends in a little under a month and now I am considering not re-subscribing. I’ve been playing this game since 2016 and I’ve never had any problems on the game until recently. I am just upset that this keeps happening. Anyway that this can be fixed?

My Settings:

Rendering Quality: Low
3D Object Density: Medium
Rendering Resolution: Medium
Texture Quality: High
Anti Aliasing: Off
Frame rate limit: 30fps (device was on Low Power Mode during entire flight)
Airplane Count: Low

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I know how you feel, happened to me after multiple overnighters. My solution is keep everything on medium or low and avoid crowded or larger airports. I believe the devs are working on this and trying to find a solution so in the meantime just do whatever you can to reduce the strain on your device. (Low graphics, smaller airspace’s, clear cache, delete the game and reinstall it). I hope any of this helps

The crazy thing is that Seattle only had 1 plane at it and I’ve landed at way busier airports. Hopefully these bugs will get fixed in 23.2.

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Anyone got any tips to stop this?

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Maybe clear out some other apps you have that may be taking up space. Or delete and reinstall so that IF doesn’t take up as much space. There isn’t a complete solution to it though so we must wait for the devs to figure it out.

hey, the same thing happens to me too and I have the same device, the developers said it was a bug in IOS and that it affected devices with 3 RAM and below and the ipad air 3 has 3 RAM so it may be that

Hopefully then in the next IOS update it will be fixed.

Divert. This rarely happens because I usually fly into a non-3D airport but if it does I usually go around and if it doesn’t load again I just divert

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Not really any scenery in the game anyways but this has happened to me a few times

Or just get a better device. I have the iPhone 14pro. It’s only crashed once, it was at sunset on final into KRDM. At the time the phone case on. Now I take it off. Haven’t had the problem sense.

Being able to fly all max settings is nice

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