Scenery issue @YSSY

I used runway 16R.

These are the 2 parking locations I used:

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 23.46.39

And this is the area that I have the issues at:

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 23.48.03


Thanks, I’ll let you know if this issue will also happen to me.


So I have found one of those areas where you fell, and I spawned in an A320. No issues in Solo. I taxied through and around it.

I might try a different aircraft like JetStar 788 or CRJ1000

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Yep, thats the exact location. Thanks a lot Kuba for helping out :)

I’ll try another aircraft, no issues for me though.

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Happened to me on Expert Server. Maybe you should try there?

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Internet connection can cause it to crash into ground

Taxied through and around the area on the Expert Server, no issue here either. (Luckily I had the 787 downloaded already)

Sometimes it takes multiple cache clearing. Make sure you are not flying when you clear it. Also make sure you press on YES and not orange (orange is no)

In some cases you may need to reboot, restart, and clear again.

When all else fails you can re-install but make sure you back up any replays you need to keep.


Rendtalling the app works

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I never knew you played on this. My last ipad mini couldn’t even update to global