Scenery is not loading

On my way to Dublin the scenery is not loading anymore. I can‘t see other planes on the map as well but anyway I have a green check. My internet connection is good (15mb/s). I went in offline mode and I still had the green check on the top right corner after a few minutes. I don‘t want to restart IF because than my flight progress is gone. In addition to that I can say that I am currently flying over the UK meaning there is 15m resolution.

Why do you have Airplane Mode on?

Did you perhaps forget to turn on your WiFi…?


No I had Wifi on. I just turned on flight mode to try to reconnect. With flight mode in it still said I‘m online.

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Oh okay, i understand now. My bad, sorry.

Try to restart your router and see if that helps?

Also have you left the app while flying and left it opened in the background, since that would cause a loss in connection, and if the app is in the background for too long, it’ll be quite impossible to recover connection again.

Maybe it is just a rendering bug, once your done, restart and try again.



Once finished i would advise clearing the scenery cache and then restarting device and app - works for me on the odd occassion this happens

Also i wouldnt advise placing in airplane mode as the scenery is streamed to your device

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Did you try and clear the scenery cache?

Was your internet fast on other devices also, if not then pooor connection could be the cause.


Use clear senery cache

Go to Settings–> General–> clear senery cache and press yes to confirm


Do what while flying? Clearing the scenery cache was made so it can be cleared during a flight.

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