Scenery is blurry

I am currently flying from KEWR to KSFO. And my scenery is blurry! Can someone help!

How is your WiFi connection currently?
What device are you using?
How much storage do you have?
How long has your flight been?
Did this just start happening?

Checked your internet? Checked your storage?

Wifi is good. Storage is a little full

Maybe free up some space in your device?

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Well I can’t now because I’m in flight

Same issue as 9 days ago then? :)

It is recommended to always have minimum of 1GB available storage, as the app size changes depending on amount of replays, aircraft and scenery.


Ok what should I do then?

Clearing cache might help for this session. But it’s a big maybe as the scenery usually don’t take up more than 200mb as most.

Other than that, there’s not much you can do but land asap and do some spring cleaning on your device.

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And my app just crashed

Follow this. As @schyllberg said it is advised to have 1GB on your device. :)

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I’m using an IPad pro

Read the previous replies, please. No point in circling around something else when the root cause is already determined :)

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Whoops my bad. Sorry

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Sorry to hear.
But yeah, you need to make some room or you will keep having this issue I’m afraid.

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Ok thank you