Scenery is blurred

The internet speed I don’t no exectly but all i do no is that it is the slowest

Okay thanks for providing that information. Is there a chance that you could test a flight over this same area but with a different internet connection? Like a local coffee shop or somewhere that has WiFi.


Yea ok doing it now with the same aircraft and same flight plan


I just did the flight again on another internet and the same thing happened

It could be an issue with corrupt files or something, try reinstalling the app 🙂

This is what keeps on happening

Have you tried this yet?

Yea I only reinstalled the app last week so I don’t think that is the problem

I think your issue lies in the fact that you don’t have fast internet. Even if you do have a constant connection, without a fast connection the scenery likely can’t load in as efficiently as it does with a fast connection.

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This has never happened like this before it has happened like in the picture but wine I end the flight and go back on it is back to normal

So this is not a constant issue?

Also, what are your graphic settings?

My graphic settings are all set to high

I have just changed the server and the graphics are back to normal the. I when to an airport where the issue was happening ams zoomed out and the scenery looked fine so I tried the flight again to Dubai on the same server but as soon as I got into France it did the really blurry thing again

Go to and run that. That’ll tell us if it’s your internet or not. Send a screenshot when you’re done. @Planes177

The highest graphic settings should only be used if you have fast internet. You should turn your graphic settings down if you don’t have fast internet. That might fix it.

I know my WiFi speed is the slowest so it must be that it’s the only thing it could be

Just try reconnecting to wifi and/or turn airplane mode on than off. Also, make sure infinite flight is the only tab running. Hope this helps!

I always make sure of that and I tried it again and it still did the same thing and also my engine sounds and the wrong way