Scenery is blurred

I have just tried to do a Flight to Dubai twice now from Heathrow and as soon as I get over France the scenery goes really blurry and it isn’t because some regions don’t have have as good scenery as others because I have done this flight before and it has done this before and also sometimes when landing the plane aslways freezes and the buttons don’t work to change the speed and it won’t let me change the camera

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This could be a change in connection, have you tried putting your device in airplane mode for 30 seconds and connecting back to wifi?
You could also be flying in an area with no 15m imagery, but im sure it’s do to connection.

Hi there,

What device, operating system and Infinite Flight build do you have? You may have to turn down your settings or free up some storage on your device.

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I have and iPad Pro 12.9 and I have plenty of storage so couldn’t be that

I didn’t change any connection and it couldn’t be the imagery because I have flown in this area before and it has never done this before. I had also tried it twice and it had done the exact same thing both times.

Do you refresh your WiFi? Do you restart your device before flights and do you minimize the use of background apps?

The iPad Pro is a capable device however there are some measures on your end that you may need to introduce as mentioned in the questions above. Make sure you have the latest iOS installed, clear your Cache before flights and make sure you have a stable/strong internet connection.

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Try it on cellular data, see if that works.

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I have just turned on airplane mode for 30 seconds and nothing changed.

Did you restart your device and clear RAM before your flight?

Yea I have the latest iOS I also ways clear any apps before any flights and I did today but it just keeps on doing this blurry thing

Yea I have done that as I do on every flight

Im afraid that this might need an app-reinstall.

I only re installed the app last week and nothing has happened everything is the same an]s it was before and that is the third time i have re installed it.

Putting your device on airplane mode won’t help as scenery is streamed using the internet. Put your device on cellular data and see if that works.

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I have already got that turned on

Without giving specific information as requested it’s going to be hard to clarify and reproduce your issues. Please provide the following in detail:

-iOS installed
-Infinite Flight build installed
-Storage available
-Internet Source and Speed
-Steps used to reproduce the issue (does this only occur with a particular aircraft or after changing to a certain camera view, etc…)

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.


Latest iOS is installed
WiFi does go off sometimes
I have plenty of storage available
Infinte flight build is installed
And it doesn’t only happen on certain aircraft I flew this aircraft this morning and worked perfectly.

Latest iOS as in 11.??

WiFi goes off? This could be the root cause of your troubles since scenery relies on an internet connection. If you have extended lapses in internet connection then this will delay the refreshing of imagery.

The WiFi didn’t go off during this time and I has iOS 11.2

What is your internet speed like? Can you run a test to confirm? We’ve circumstances where there were issues from the internet service provider and/or there equipment.