Scenery in global

Hi all, does the scenery get better with servers/internet connection?

Attached is my flight vs. Laura’s and you can see her scenery looks a lot crispier and sharper. Mines just blurry even at high alt.


Have you set your terrain graphics to high?

To fully experience the new imagery ensure that your graphics are set at max settings and frame rate is not limited. Of course this is if your device and internet connection can handle these settings.

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Was running 190mb/s all settings max on iPhone 7+

I just like cities, seems cities have no say. In prep version cities looked nice however now if you take off at egll it looks like it’s in the desert and not in a city haha

Oh okay I see, yea as mentioned in the latest NOTAM, FDS is actively working to improve and optimize the CPU and Bandwith which should help load times and terrain loading.


Thanks Chris! Let’s hope it’s just a terrain loading issue!

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Does anyone know why when we put the visibility low, it won’t change, it still isn’t foggy and when we take off, there is no fog even though we have selected low visibility (maximum)

Apparently it’s because you can’t manually select visibility on solo (yet).

Adjust the visibility settings when in Solo Mode and you will see the effect ;)

Just be patient as the visibility may take a few moments to adjust from your settings.


I have tried it, (i am in solo), but I’ll try it once again once i get home :)

Yea drop it down to 1km and give it a few. Its an awesome feature once you experience it and climb up through the “fog” per say.

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As far as I remember, it doesn’t get low visibility.

Thanks Chris, I’ll try it once I start my next flight, cheers :)

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Its an issue with the Servers being full. Scenery is low quality when connection is poor

It happens to me too. the graphics look fuzzy and horrible. I have everything in high

Also keep in mind that you will not see google maps type quality, they mentioned that on one of the interviews. There are some airports where around it looks bare but that is because of how the satellite imagery is. DFW is one of those. Looks odd on the ground but it is brown grass around the runways in real life. Just depends on when the picture was taken.

Some of the early pictures of Global may have been with different settings. But, in an effort to be able to function across all devices the resolution may have needed to be lowered slightly for performance reasons. Just a thought.



No, but to go get better resolution scenery, they’d have to pay millions of dollars… So that was out of the question… :)

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