Scenery glitch

I think there’s an issue with the airport VNT1. I tried to spawn there. No luck just fell into nothingingness on multiple attempts. I relocated my spawn point to a nearby airport. VNBR and flew to see what the issue was. I’ve attatched the flooring phots in an effort to assist correcting the problem. The airport 1 is not in the location where it’s meant to be. 2 as you can see there is an evident problem with this location. Hope this helps in letting g you fix the issue. Hope I posted this in the right area as well.

image image

It seems like the airport’s Altitude was not set properly when it was edited! Also, we don’t have sloping runways in Infinite Flight yet, so a runway that is built parallel with a mountain cliff face is quite hard to do

Just wanted to give you a heads up. Do you think it can be fixed. If not I’d suggest making it off limits or taking it off the grid. Dunno. Hope your team
Can at least make progress with it.

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Try clearing the scenery cache and restarting the app! If that does not work reinstall Infinitr Flight

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The elevation was incorrect, thanks for the report. I have fixed it.