Scenery glitch @RKTH

I was doing patterns this morning at RKTH when this caught my eye

I searched for similar topics to no avail, so sorry if this is a duplicate


iPhone 7
iOS 11.4
Non jail broken or rooted in any way
Latest IF

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I don’t believe that is a glitch. The rise in terrain is what is outside of the airport boundary and therefore has elevation.

But doesn’t it looks rather odd? Seems like the parking doesn’t flow onto the terrain well.

No problems on my end.


Have you tried clearing the scenery cache?

Yes I’ve tried that, here is another shot. It seems that one raise in elevation is transparent.

Oh if seeing pavement and aircraft through terrain is what you’re referring to then yes, it is known. I’m looking up what the technical name of this is.

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@Sammy_Droubi Alright, for now utilize the information posted by Philippe. I was hoping to find the more technical term in regards to what really causes this. If I find it, I’ll share my findings. Hope this is of some assistance to this issue that you are recognizing. 🙂

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Wilco, thanks.
This may be closed now

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