Scenery glitch/not loading in

So today I did an overnight flight in the A359 (roughly 11 hours). Now I’ve done overnighters before in the A359 and never had a problem, but my wifi was a bit spotty, and I had the red exclamation point icon 2 times, then it reconnected. On approach into Pheonix, I noticed I could see the satellite imagery of KPHX airport, but not the airport itself, I could only see half the runway. (I used ils and landed fine) To try and fix the scenery, I went into settings and put on low settings for rendering quality, resolution, and texture quality, worked fine, so i switched it back to high quality and… well, i attached a couple screenshots of what it looked like…

About 5 seconds after this screenshot, the app crashed…

Isn’t that pretty?

Is this recurring for you or?

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This has never happened before.
I opened the app afterwards and was able to spawn at another airport and fly for a few minutes.

In that case, i would not be overly concerned.
Scenery is streamed, a lot of things can happen on the way. Fortunately it doesn’t, most of the times.

Unless you’re super low on storage or/and this is recurring, move along to greener fields :)


Oh, wait, something similar did happen a while back, I forgot, scenery didn’t load in at FAOR and I went through the ground (3 months ago, due to very poor internet, which has since been replaced)

Ok, thanks 🙂