Scenery error at LPPT


I have tried now 2 times to take off on 03 at LPPT and both times have fallen through the ground and crashed. After the first time, I did the obvious thing and cleaned my cashe. However, this didn’t resolve the issue and i continued to have the issue. I was using a 777-200ER at about a 82% load. Could someone help me with this? Thanks.

You could try restarting your device

Let me try

Read the og post, I did that

lol sorry i am in class - misread that.

I had the same thing a couple times where it wouldn’t work even after a restart and scenery cache cleared. I had to delete the app and re-download it (it worked after that) but if you do need your replays, then maybe try other options.

You can export replays and reimport them after you redownload the app

Ok, the restart thing worked. Thanks @DiscoPanda

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