Scenery editing

How long does it usually take for your scenery editing application to get responded to, i applied around 1 year ago.

Depends on what group you’re in (which you cannot figure out without a mod and they usually won’t tell you).

For me it took about 6 months but for some it could take a very long time. To sum it up, there’s no exact answer. You could get accepted tomorrow or a year from now. It’s unknown.

though i did get suspended around 7 months ago. will that affect it

Suspended from what?

the ifc (10c)

For that I don’t know the answer. I’d guess it probably doesn’t affect you but it also depends on why you got suspended.

thank you sir

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It does, pretty sure a suspension resets it. Just to be sure, you can ask a scenery reviewer

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Ok thank you, how can I reapply?

First check if what I said is true, might be good to ask that in Infinite Flight Airport Editing Application

If true, you can reapply using the normal application I guess?


You’re currently in our database of application responses. I’ve updated your username from the recent change. We have a huge backlog of applications (thousands of users), hence the reason for the long delay. We’ll be able to invite you when we’re able to do so, alongside all the other members that are also waiting in line. :)

mate thanks so much for that. Have an estimate for the wait times?

Unfortunately there’s no expected time. We’re currently in the process of expanding our Reviewer team to allow for more users to get into the team (as we need more reviewers to review more airports). We’re hoping continue to expand the team as soon as possible. :)

Ok thanks mate, hop to see you in the IFAET team eventually, have a great day!

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