Scenery editing

hello yall

i am really excited about the scenery editing feature that you can take part in.

a little over a year ago i applied to be a scenery editor and i still haven’t gotten a response, not even anything about if i have been rejected.

if possible, can anyone take a look at my application? i would like to take part, but i’m not asking to be accepted. i simply want to know what the decision was.

when i go to try and apply again in case my application wasn’t seen, i see the message “you’ve already responded”

thank you!

If you applied, you’ll get accepted at some point. Just a matter of when. There are other people that have been waiting just as long if not longer.



Firstly, I’ve moved this topic out of Support and to General as the support category is for technical issues relating to the app.

Adding on from what @Altaria55 has mentioned above, I recommend taking a read of the post as it contains some answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the scenery editing application process and procedures:


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