Scenery Editing Tutorial Link Doesn't Work

Samsung GalaxyA32:

I have a problem with the link that brings you to the tutorial on how to use the IF Scenery Editing app. Every time I try to open it, I get this message pop-up on my screen:

I would appreciate it if somebody told me why this is happening, and if it isn’t only happening to me.

Try pressing ‘Authorize’

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I have done that at least 4 times and it hasn’t worked once

A: Are you logged in
B: Try restarting your tab

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Refresh the page, I was having the same issue

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If you’re not part of the Scenery Editing group, you shouldn’t have access to it i think?

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Wasnt the manual made public?

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Yeah that is what i am accessing

I got it to work thank you.

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It was the IFATC manual that was doing it for me… I kept tapping “authorize” but the same pop up came back. I was able to just fix it by refreshing the page but it may be different. Sorry about that.

Thank you for helping me. No worries.

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Seems like this is a general issue across the entire website, so we’re looking into it now and will attempt to fix it asap :)


It has been fixed asap. Sorry for the inconvenience!