Scenery Download


I was on a short final when I lost my internet connection due to power. I was not able to see the markings at the airport. So an idea ran across my mind to add a feature of downloading the scenery package of some Specific airports.

Why this feature ?

There are certain airports where pilots fly frequently. Each pilot can download their hub airports or some specific airports they would like to. Infinite flight already has a really cool feature that your app does not crash after loosing internet connection in between the flight. But I thought this can also be a really useful feature.

What about memory ?

Pilots can download specific airports according to their requirements. This would not take much of the memory. Else, dedicated pilots can buy an iPad pro just for infinite flight and download scenery of all the airports available 😉.

Let me know if this feature is beneficial or not.

Cheers !

The developers are aware that offline flying is something that would be beneficial to users and already have a goal to make Infinite Flight offline-friendly. Here’s a quote directly from Infinite Flight’s website:

I don’t think a feature request for this is necessary since it is already ‘planned’.


You may close the post :).