Scenery coverage for south east Asia an south america

Does anyone know when we will get HD scenery in those areas? Thanks

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Whenever the developers tell us it’s ready. No rush.

Patience is key. We don’t want a half done product, we want good quality scenery. 🎉👍


They said next week @Philippe_Gilbert note the date

They have not provided an update. Last we heard it was delayed due to technical issues as stated in the thread and stream with Laura.


Just because it’s April Fools does not mean in other topics you should give false information, to some people this may seem legitimate.


We are working on it. We ran into some issues that required us to rework our scenery processing pipeline … and that is taking some time.


I wait. No need to rush.

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Southeast Asia, So also Philippines right?

I’m currently doing a fly around the world challenge Flying Around the world to every country and I’m to leave Brasil (Start in Canada and went down). The scenery left me at about Southern Mexico.

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