Scenery Bug

So I was on Final Approach to Kuala Lumpur and the airport still did not load, I cleared my Scenery cache, changed my graphics, set my Airplane count to low, and it still wasn’t fixed, I ended up landing with no runways or taxiways whatsoever and it’s irritating cause this was a 3 hour flight. And yes, my wifi was working fine.

Device: Ipad 7th Gen

Try this:.
1, Clearing scenery cache.
2. set your 3D object density to low after that to high again.
3. set all of your graphic settings to low after that set it to high.
That should wotk

I tried all of that, nothing happened

If that didn’t work, try to restart your device.

Is there a fix that you didn’t include above that doesn’t restart the entire progress of your flight?

yes, all of this.

But if there aren’t any at least the devs would be notified about this issue just hoping it won’t happen again

Try Reinstalling the app or restarting your device?

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Reinstalling the app should be the last recommendation when all else fails. The loss of replays and other data that might be lost during the process might also be sensitive, say if there’s a need to appeal violations or handle other matters.

Most often, issues like these can be solved with an app restart, and if that doesn’t work, shut down the app, reboot your device, then launch Infinite Flight again, in that order.

It cannot be stressed how deleting and reinstalling the app should be the fix of last resort, and how it should absolutely not be treated lightly whatsoever.

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I’m not sure if it will work for you but that used to happen to me quite often.I forget what they are but I set the two graphics settings that can’t be adjusted in flight to high and the other two graphics settings low when cruising. Then when I start descending I switch them to high. I also restart my device every couple days and the issue has not happened again.

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I remember the exact same thing happened me coming into EHAM. After a 7 hour flight 😩 it’s sooo frustrating

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Nah the airport already loaded in the replay

Thanks for the tip! I’ll try it out next time and hope it never happens again

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