Scenery bug Denver and socal

I have massive scenery bugs at John Wayne in socal, for an example, and at KASE in Denver, where the terrain is so tall that I can’t actually take off from there. What hould I do?

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Do you have a picture?

The terrain around there is very mountainous in real life, but a picture would be helpful.

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Like it makes it impossible to get off the runway

And I’ve been there in real life, know what it looks like. That’s SoCal at KSNA btw

Wait what, is THAT KSNA? Yikes…

Are you sure your Southern California scenery package downloaded correctly? Did you experience any internet disruptions when you downloaded the region?

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That is definitely not right.

Also, what about at KASE. Do you have a picture?

My friend had the same problem. Try deleting then reinstalling the app, at no charge to you.

What device make and model?
Is the device modified, rooted or Jailbroken?
Is the app installed directly from GooglePlay, Amazon, or iTines? Or other site?
Have you tried to close the app and restart the device power, or reinstall after a power restart?
If you like you can use our support site HERE

then click on “Contact Support”. Be sure to include all relevant details and screen shots are welcome.



Device is stock, downloaded directly from Google play, and I didn’t have any problems downloading the scenery. I havnt tried uninstalling and reinstalling yet, I will o that when I get home. And KASE looks the same way.

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