Scenery Bug after Hotfix 2

Hi, I depart for a few second and then I saw this random Bug in Frankfurt EDDF
I Have reload the sim and have clear the cache.

Hey D-MELC, this seems to be an issue with scenery, simply clearing your scenery cache and restarting your game should help. :)

Read the description ;)

Try it again, this has happened before to other people, if it still doesn’t work then our friendly support gnome might want to take the reins.

Dude I have clear the cache and i had restart my system lots of times

Sorry, your post leads me to believe you have only done it once, maybe attempt a reinstall of the game?

@schyllberg any ideas on your side?

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Yeah this also happened with me yesterday at W27 (airstrip). I was grinding out landings in the 172 as I always do at this short runway airstrip, but for some reason after the latest hotfix the runway proportions are completely out of area. The runway numbers are cut halfway into the grass and the only taxiway present is not even showing up. The hold short line is visible but thats it basically.

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Everything that needs to be done to resolve this is described here:

I have this all steps already


So, you have tried to reinstall? As in, remove the app and then install it again from App Store / Play Store?

Note: This will erase your replays as well

Yes, I had.

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