Scenery become worse?

I’ve come back to IF after a short break and it looks like the scenery has taken a turn for the worst and has decreased in quality quite significantly? It just looks far more blurry then it used to, anyone else experiencing this, maybe it came with the update? If not, how could I fix this?


when you say " than it used to " what year are we talking about 2020, 2019, 2018 or whenever you last played IF

This year, it was only a few months ago.

hmm… i dont see myself that the scenery has become worse, what device do you use?

IPad 8th Generation. I’ll send a picture and look if it looks out of the ordinary. It just looks worse to me.

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Yeah,it would be great if you could show A comparison picture

ok. i think if you re-install infinite flight it could possibly work.

Might just be my eyes? Really doesn’t look the same though.

i do see what you mean that its not the best scenery and i do agree it doesnt look good but it looks the same since the start of the year. but yes i do agree the scenery is worse than how it used to look like before global update too.

try deleting infinite flight then install it again and go on settings and see if your graphics are not on low.

I’ll try. If that doesn’t do anything I suppose it’s just my eyes. Quick question though, does the scenery in my photo look normal to you?

the airport it self looks normal and the plane looks normal and the scenery ( the green parts ) is how its always been so its normal .

Lol that is IF my guy 😂 Welcome back 🤣


Must be my eyes. 🤷‍♂️

bringing back memories my guy 💀


Shortly after the big 3D update is when I first noticed the changes in scenery quality. Even once you’re airborne the appearance of the ground and distant terrain looks different. The only way I could ever really think to describe it was it appears hazy everywhere on the ground, and it never goes away.

I have version 20.3 (so no 3D buildings) and i have 21.6 on my phone and i have seen a difference in quality. but on my device which i have 20.3 on, I have my scenery settings on low, and surprisingly, it looks better than high.

Thought so.

It looks the same. You’ll see a difference between low, medium or high rendering resolution though.

It might also have something to do with perspective. For example, the 3D objects at airports are of high quality, so when placed on top of the scenery, it could highlight the resolution differences as its a more obvious difference between them.