Scenery and map issues

Hello everyone, I was recently flying from Tokyo Narita to Dallas fort worth when I noticed after I took off my map was bugging out with almost nothing showing up. Next when I got over California there was no scenery showing up at all. Just got this. I cleared my scenery cache multiple times during the flight and nothing worked. Idk if my phone just needs a restart or if this is infinite flights part on this. Let me know, thanks.


@schyllberg 👀

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It will load after a while. It should load on replays as well. It’s a temporary bug that will go away in a while. It does for me at least.

Yes, he posted one topic 100% as this one… then deleted it & created this one. No idea why ;)

@riley_bertoia - If this is a recurring issue for you, how much storage do you have available on your end?

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23 GB left

Try putting your device to Flight mode for 30 secs, then disable it again. That could help in re-establishing Global server connectivity.

Worst case though;
It disconnects you entirely.

When is was loading up infinite flight to spawn in i see this. The map doesn’t even show up.

Are you in a flight now or not?

Nope this is loading in, minus well Uninstall and reinstall and hope it helps

Have you tried a simple device restart before you go through that process?

Yep of course

Seems like deleting and re installing worked thanks, I’ll let you guys know if i have any more problems. this can now be closed. Thanks.

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