Scenery aka “Japan Airlines MT Fuji Experience” plus Moonshot with JAL A359 and One wheel landing at YSSY

I was practicing some stunts on mount Fuji for fun, here are some photos

Departure: Nearby RJTT
Arrival: YSSY
Departure Time: 11:00am
Server: Solo
Aircraft: JAL CRJ 200, 737 800 and A350-900

Landed on MT Fuji

Going down Mt Fuji and using it as a skateboard ramp

I’m stuck to Mt Fuji I can’t get out

Moonshot of JAL A350

One Wheel landing in Sydney, Australia

No passengers were hurt in the making of this

Japan Airlines
Fly once, Fly Always


Please only post your best photos



I did post my best photos @EyesSkyward

I’m a stunt artist

Maybe the best from this session but not the best you could make… You were taking a CRJ offroad after all.

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Well I couldn’t find any better photos @EyesSkyward

Could of posted one before you hit the mountain

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@AviatorGamerYT I’ve got a nice picture for u to look at, it’s a moonshot with the A359

Are tickets being sold for this this route too, @SahyaQFFlyer?

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Yes mate you can get a vip ticket if ur Oneworld Sapphire or Oneworld Emerald, courtesy of Japan Airlines 😂 @Butter_Boi

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Bombardier Crash Right into Japan.


@Ecoops123 it didn’t crash, that’s the whole point of the stunt, to do something cool but not crash.

Bombardier C.R.J.

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Yeah but it didn’t crash though @Ecoops123

A work of art without disaster

Don’t take it literally, It was a joke. 🙂

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Yeah ok 😂 u got me so bad thou not gonna lie

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