Scattered light for apron lights in low visibility flight regions

I’m thinking that IF can work on apron lights with scattered light effects to improve gaming experiences in low visibility flight region airports. This feature requests on putting actual “light” in to existing apron light with scattering effect in mist. Scattered effect should reflect the thickness of mist, while apron light should actually enlighten the apron to create a better gaming experience. (Since taxi lights seems already in development) ……it would be great to enhance our aprons with lights as well! This is something I experienced a lot when plane spotting at airports, so I encourage IF to make it into the game!

Credit: myself :0

One more example of scattered apron light at airport.

Credit: @CNM5132

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We need that 74 in game
regardless I agree, we also need taxiway lights to be able to see at night when it’s pitch black


Surely yes, though I remember there was already a leak by a staff member showing taxi light is already in development, so the apron lights would be great to go along that!

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