Scariest/Most difficult landing

It’s the only time where you will have a valid excuse to abort takeoff or simulate a ‘failure’.

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My elevators were stuck on full up just after takeoff. I had to control pitch with throttle, flaps, and spoilers, i landed at 450FPM but managed to stop and exit the runway without incident. Never solved the glitch

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I’ve done that except I did it on purpose to simulate a hydraulic failure, done it a few times just need replays a lot… And I didn’t use flaps or spoilers.

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My most difficult landing was at YSSY, winds were gusting from 25-30kts, turbulence hit extrememly hard on the airplane. I was in an A321 and I touched down at about -200VS; a pretty soft landing! I believe it is on somebody’s livestream since I was joining in on a flight on someones livestream.

Hurricane at TNCM

I remember one moment when Carrebean was open on Expert and there was a hurricane at St Maarten (TNCM). We were all surprised by the storm and the airport was open and inbounds were being accepted. The wind was tough on downwind and base legs, but on final it got more severe very quickly. On short final I had 110kts headwind (!) and I struggled to actually progress towards the airport. It was virtually impossible to do any control of the aircraft. It was all over the place, and sometimes I experienced huge windfalls, pushing the aircraft down, making it just hard to stay in the air. I realised that in real life, pilots would have avoided the airport. But I stayed with it, and saw the plane in front of me crashing into the sea just short if the runway.
I made it to the runway, but destroyed me landing gear, so I could not move.

Just before I ended the flight, I got a glance on the platform. I say a C208 being blown upside down, and somehow there was a B737 in the ocean beside the aiport.

I closed and had a beer to recover.


Hey, at least it was a headwind, not a tail wind. Had you got 110 knot tail wind you would be touching down at around 250 knots GS and it would be impossible to stop.

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Some amazing flying. Would not expect any less from you John ;-)
And a compliment to the landing gear manufacurer.

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@Northwest I was on short final and the wind direction changed causing my plane to crab. I ended up having to go around. I was panicking at first!😂

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Landing at KASE is always a challenger 😬

I decided to try myself and land a 757 at KASE, with 14knt winds gusting to 23knts

I was in solo for about an hour and a half before I had a landing I was happy with.

Mine was about a year ago at Canberra on Expert Server. I was flying in a 737 with the lowest possibly visibility on IF not sure what it is maybe 250M. So you couldn’t see where you were going at all and on top of that there was a crosswind with gusts can’t remember the exact numbers just know that was one of the hardest landings I have ever had.

Y’all remember storm Doris in England earlier in the year? From that day I knew that storms and planes are not good friends.

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Yep I remember that I was landing in Birmingham during the Doris Storm oh my goodness I still managed to pull it off but very hard landing 😬

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