Scariest moments in IF

Hello community, I searched for this and was surprised when I couldn’t find anything! So I decided to make this. It’s about all the scariest moments in infinite flight. I will start us off:

I fear no man…

But that place…

It scares me…



KLAX on Training Server when I had a parallel 25R and 25L Approach, the other guy flying a 747. And getting driven through too.

And flying inverted in a CRJ


Mhhh, good question. Forgetting my landing gear when I landed. Scary.


Nearly stalling in an A380 on short final to OTHH.

During FNF.

Good thing I did a go around.

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I remember one time I was on final for 25R at KLAX on TS and all the sudden what came up behind me was a formation flight of F-22s all scrambled through me😂

Uhh. Probably every time I forget that I’m a little over then the 250 knot limit. Freaks me out every time, so I just pull the yoke as much as I can to lose speed lol


Last year BUSY FNF I was planning to do a overnight flight and I was sleepy I get cleared to line up and wait and I took off 😂😂… got ghosted deservedly I was really mad at myself 🤦🏽‍♂️😂


Once I was on final and forgot to calibrate my phone, and went into a vertical position in front of Deer…


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Lol I dont think I’ve ever had a rlly scary moment :-)

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I was flying a 737 into SFO and an F-16 Dove right through me and then crashed lol

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My first time with approach before finding out about the community 😂😂


Flying in the TBM and had a 170 kts crosswind. Just to keep the plane on the fp it was turning the whole time.

Accidentally nosediving when starting descent by pressing the ALT button instead of sliding it (please make the AP harder to disable by accident FDS…)
Surprised I didn’t get an acrobatics violation lol


Crosswind landings. When touched down I was about to run into grass because of the turn, it was very hard to use the rudder upon touchdown. Way off the centreline.

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That is exactly what I do. I disengage AP and just pull the yoke up all the way


Landing with insane crosswinds. Happened twice actually.

  1. The period where weather data was down, I landed a 788 in KMIA with 37 kts crosswind…

  2. At LFPG, the winds were constantly increasing and decreasing power, and my 777-200F landed in 40 kts crosswind…then my LiveFlight connect froze, so the rudder was stuck…

I bet you guys could tell what happened next.


Flying from Australia to Asia.

Something always goes wrong.

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Another one: almost ran into another plane exiting the runway on ES (actually he almost ran into me but he had right of way). This was with ATC active too. The other aircraft was outside my fov until I was already in front of him…

AP disconnecting 2 times, during cruise AND on approach when I did a Lufthansa A320 delivery flight stream xD.

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The only 2 ghosts I’ve ever had (By @art_martinez), and nearly getting kicked out of a younger IFAE I think. I was a youngster at the time, so I was a bit rusty on going around 😂