Scariest Moments as a Pilot

Hello guys! I know many of us are real pilots or have flown a real airplane, but there is always something you don’t want to see or don’t want to hear, ever, as a Pilot. So what do you think those things are? I personally think the scariest thing I never want to hear is the ATCer saying “Possible Pilot Deviation” followed by a phone number.

What are a few things that you have heard, or never want to hear as a Pilot?


Long XC and the fuel gauge says E 💀


You trust the fuel gauges in an older training aircraft? 😂


I don’t have to worry about that my flight school’s aircraft have the Garmin G100


I still never trust the fuel gauges, better to measure the fuel yourself in preflight (better safe than sorry)

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Definitely not, but I was still searching for nearby airports in case I needed to divert. Luckily I was transitioning the KDAY Charlie and was within glide of a couple airports.

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Hey 👋

This was about a year ago. But I’ll explain in the best way I can.

I fly gliders, been training for about two years now and went solo only about a month ago. The airfield is split into two clubs. A microlight club and a gliding club. As shown below:


The micro lights (if taking off in the direction of the airfield need to turn left or right before they enter the gliders airspace, our club cannot fly over the airfield below 1000ft. This is to a avoid and danger of a collision between a glider and a microlight or light aircraft.

As you can probably tell, you know where I’m going with this…

A pilot from the club flying a yellow light aircraft (not sure what type it is) forgot about this rule (we all forget things) and flew into the airspace. Oh no, a hazard here…

Meanwhile, me and my instructor are gliding along quietly and peacefully, enjoying the views if York (a city right by the airfield)

We hear an engine nearby, must be the tug plane dropping someone off, he’ll know where we are and stay out are way I thought. Then it gets louder, and louder and louder until I look over my shoulder.

Next thing I know we are on a 90 degree bank pulling about 4.5G and I am in complete shock. We came down and landed pretty quick after that…

The pilot of the plane came over and and apologised about it all.

Went a bit into detail there. Sorry. 😊

Added a few photos to brighten things up a bit (not photos from that flight)


The worst thing you want to hear as a passenger or pilot is the flight attendant saying, “Is there anybody that can fly a plane?”


When you hear this:

Woop Woop. Woop Woop. TERRAIN TERRAIN PULL UP PULL UP Woop Woop. Woop Woop


That’s not a problem, just say i do!

I had a door pop off mid-flight in a Cessna 162 near KGTU once. Approaching storms, wind, and an improperly latched gullwing door led to the inevitable. My flight school was not the first victim of an airborne C162 door incident, however - it turns out others have had this happen too.

Nobody was hurt, but that was my last flight on the 162… I switched to the 172, lol.


High gusting winds at a high altitude airport.

Stuff gets interesting fast 💨

Also the window opening while in flight. Sounds worse than it is lol all I can think of is movies where people go flying out of the plane because of the suction lol 😂

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Fuel cap on the left wing unhitched itself and flew off on the way back from a long XC, on a Piper Cherokee. Had to really control my descent like crazy, while slow-flighting all the way home.

Made sure to screw those damn things on double-tight forever after that (to the point where it hurt my fingers to open them).


An extremely weird weather day in SoCal where it was completely clear but extremely turbulent at the lower altitudes with severe downdrafts, with barely any wind at the surface. I was at 5000 feet at full power trying to climb to 5500 and managing an average of about -700fpm. Yes, that’s a negative sign. Near mountainous terrain.


Howdy! I’m a student pilot out of KFLY and I have had a real emergency during a solo flight.

I was flying from KFLY to KCOS to do some stop and goes with ATC. Got into the pattern, cleared for the option 35R. All was well and good, it was my first landing of the day at KCOS. I might have come in a little fast, but I wasn’t high, and I had a pretty solid landing. I was braking to slow to a stop, and off the right side, I hear a big pop; certainly not a sound we want to hear. Then, I start drifting to the right. I bring the plane to a stop, luckily before the edge of the runway, look out the right side window, and see a popped tire. I notified ATC, and I was stuck on the side of the runway for about an hour before getting towed. Overall, a very frightening experience, but it taught me not to be quite so hard on the brakes. Pics below.

TLDR: Was flying from KFLY to KCOS, skidded the tires on landing, and popped the right main.


when my dad lost all of the “A” hydraulic system

It was a pretty day flying my tiny Sport Cruiser along. I was entering the pattern with my instructor when he pulled the familiar “oh look your engine failed” stunt. Did my normal procedures and was looking good on my short approach. Then out of no where wind shear screwed me over causing me to lose even more airspeed. Had to throttle at the last second and go around. Crazy to think I’d not make it if it were a real engine failure.

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Once I was at an alt of 5,000 when the plane turned off. I started falling but I got it on a again and I am safe! Scared the life out of me!

How much would it be to replace the wheel and fly again?

The wheel wasn’t affected but the tire was so my flight school just drove out, got it fixed, and flew it back to KFLY.