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Hi ! I want to know your scariest flight in Infinite Flight

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When I was landing at Paro
It was pretty Bad, my face when like 🤨🤨🤨🤨

Also my first time flying to Queenstown

I was doing a flight in a 787 from RJTT to EGLL when I realised I didn’t have enough fuel. I thought it would be fine, so I went to bed. The next morning, I had just flew past the Norwegian coast(off of Bergen), and I had ~9% fuel. I didn’t think I could make it to Scotland but I didn’t give up. I reached the Scottish coast near Edinburgh at around 6% fuel and thought I could land at Glasgow because the runway was wider. The runway pointed in the right direction, but right when I was beginning my approach, the runway closed. I turned around to get to Edinburgh - ~2% fuel. I realised at this point there was no going around. Final approach to Edinburgh ~1.5% fuel. I breathed a sigh of relief when I landed on the last part of the runway with 1% fuel. I was able to complete the last leg to London with more than enough fuel.



Was the week where KLM retired 747’s. I was heading over the ocean and guess what… not enough fuel. No big deal just winds, turns out there were strong winds over the ocean the whole flight and I ended up running out of fuel over Ireland, I had to glide on 2-3 mile final and it was at an airport non suitable for a 747 so it was a rough landing but everyone survived.


A landing with 0 visibility at a busy JFK on ES. Morning flight too so I had the sun on the horizon shining very brightly 😬 and I was flying the B757-200. Yeah I know, keeps getting worse 😂

It happened yesterday at the Anchorage event. I had looped the airport (on the taxiway, not in the air) because my assigned parking spot was currently taken. I was about to lose it again so I pulled a tokyo drift and pulled into the spot at like 25 knots. I did not want to lose that spot again. Scariest moment of my entire life 😂

Not very realistic, but I knew everyone there wouldn’t be too mad. @anon38496261 can vouch for me.


I had to pushback further on the taxiway to get out of the way 😂

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Hey, at least you made the centerline and didn’t pushback after parking to adjust 😂

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I wouldn’t have been in your spot if you showed up on time 😑 lol

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I think this would go under here:

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Not necessarily because it was his scariest moment in the sim @anon79257371