Scariest Airport or in-Air Experience

This isn’t exactly aircraft-related, but anyway…

I was arriving back at Sydney after a trip to New Caledonia, and as we were going though the ‘Nothing to Declare’ customs line, I got pulled over and had to get my passport checked.

I got taken to this desk miles away and was told that they needed to make some calls to ‘verify’ my passport. I was quite young, so I was terrified, and they didn’t let my parents come with me. I thought they were going to arrest me or something! (Who knows why I thought that!)

After about 15 minutes of waiting, they gave me my passport back and said I was free to go. They never explained what the problem was.

That doesn’t seem too bad explaining it now, but the memory still scares me…

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Lol that’s like normal at midway.

My scariest in Air Experience was when I was flying back from Austin when we were on approach into Denver we encountered this violent turbulence as we flew threw a thunderstorm. The plane was shaking violently from side to side and there were people screaming and kids were crying. I’ll never forget that experience.

My scariest aviation experience was when I first landed in St. Barths. I don’t think I need to elaborate on why I was scared, the airport kinda speaks for itself haha. I just wasn’t expecting the plane to drop altitude so fast. I fly there every year so I’ve gotten used to it now and actually enjoy landing there.

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A321. Alaska Airlines

We took off at about 7:00, and it was pitch black. About a minute after we took off, we went into the fog that normally surrounds Seattle. We could not see anything, no lights no nothing, not even our own winglets. Then we got the worst turbulence I have ever experienced, and it was raining heavily. I never started shaking, actually it was kind of fun. 15 minutes later we climbed out of the clouds. That was awesome.

Not even kidding my plane banked at a 30 degree angle with extreme turbulence and we were forced to turn around

I haven’t had too many scary in air experiences, but when I was younger I went to Orlando.

For backstory, as a kid, I was terrified of flying overseas. One day my parents had the idea to go to France (overseas). We never did, but I was scared to go because it was mostly overseas.

Anyway, on our way back to Houston from Orlando, I looked out my window and saw what I thought was the ocean. I didn’t flip out or anything, but I was heavily concerned and had the irrational idea that my parents tricked me into getting on a plane to France. Turns out, it was just the Gulf of Mexico.



That is hilarious!

I got pic pocketed at my small local airport KMSO

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flying into ATL on a MD-88. We got caught in wake turbulence from a heavy in front; the plane tipped ~45 degrees right and then 45 degrees left before we stabilized.

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Landings on low cost airlines 😬


On my first flight ever (I was less than 1 year old) the flaps failed on landing so we came in super fast and all the emergency vehicles were out. Guess which airline this is… of course RYANAIR.

Also, last year we landed at JFK on a Norwegian 787-8 there were probably thousands of police and fire trucks and that’s not exaggerating. Apparently someone heard “gunshots” so we had to stay on the plane for 5 HOURS and it was just a false alarm!

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We err flying from London’s to Abu dahbi in Ann emirates 777 and apparently something’s malfunctioned and we were caught in a stall during the climb basically are stomachs dropped. AND THIS WAS IN A HEAVY BOEING 777. Anyways the pilot recovered and we were diverted. Ruined Emirates for me lol


That must be so tough

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Blenheim to Wellington. Cessna 208 we went over a mountain and the pilot nose dived because we were too high and stopped 2-3 thousand ft from the ground.

Oh gosh! That’s a pretty freaky sound!

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Yes it is!

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Anyway, nice pics ;). Btw, in the first pic, that cloud in the center background looks like a tornado 😂 I mean, you did say there was a severe thunderstorm! 😯🤔😂

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There was, but not a tornado ;)

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In 2015 I was flying from Phoenix back home to Boston on US Airways. It was in the middle of a massive snowstorm, and we were the last plane to land in Boston for 5 hours. It was an extremely hard landing on runway 4R, and the runway was covered in snow and ice. It felt like the plane was sliding down a massive sheet of ice. It was terrifying

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