Scariest Airport or in-Air Experience

This is a thread to share stories about frighting experiences while waiting at the gate or flying in the air.
My story-
A few years ago I was traveling home after Christmas and I had a layover in St. Louis. On the approach there was lightning everywhere and pouring rain. We landed and went to our departure gate and the intercom made an announcement of a tornado warning so all the passengers were escorted to a safe area. It doesn’t seem like a scary story but being a young child it was scary.


I once was on a plane flying from KSTL-KMSP and I noticed we were flying away from the airport after a while we turned around and landed only to find thunder and lightning and all the sudden we were in a crosswind the touchdown was the scariest though because the plane bounced on the runway twice before touching down extremely hard then the pilot told us that the airport was closed and we couldn’t get off the plane, an hour went by and then the pilot shut off the engines and then started them up again and once we got inside the terminal it was so busy and crowded


Riding the ford Tri-Motor, it was an amazing and fun experience. But the scary part, we dropped about 30 or 40 feet in less than a second while climbing with full power. Everybody was pulled out of their seats. Luckily there was seatbelts! We were fine and enjoyed the rest of the flight.

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Scariest experience was in St. Louis. That airport is so old it was scary. Beautiful approach, just a scary airport.


My flight from Charlotte to Chicago was diverted to Dayton oh because of some pretty bad storms, but they were also going over Dayton at the time. Keep in mind this was during a tornado outbreak in a plane sat next to my sister whom is afraid of both storms and planes, so when you see a tornado in the distance on final approach into Dayton, crap hit the fan real quick.


I was flying AC 8 back home, and suddenly the plane hit some scary turbulence.

No joke, but it was shaking violently and I could feel some sudden drops in altitude.

It was the scariest 15 minutes yet.


I haven’t really had any terrible experiences other than some regular heavy turbulence… my worst one was probably 2 years ago on one of AA’s oldest 763s descending into ORD. It was sunny with a few scattered storms but while descending we hit a bump which caused a sudden drop like one of those tall drop rides at an amusement park.


Ryan Air Stanstead to France (I was young) and it was rainy and we were on approach, but I looked out the window and saw we were still flying and touched down past the landing threshold, he deployed the brakes, reverse thrusters and emergency brakes, we stopped 3 meters from the end of the runway.

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I wasn’t really scared, but on my recent flight from KSLC-KPHX, we were just flying normally, and all the sudden it felt like we got .5 Gs added and then a whole G taken away.

In short, the pressure got really intense, and then really light. We got pressed into our seats and then kind of floated off of them for a brief half second.


First time in MDW was pretty different. Short runway, hard landing, EXTREME brake force and thrust reversers. Loud, violent, rough, and we were like flying out of our seats. Thankfully we had seatbelts on lolol.


Pilots were way too high on approach coupled with turbulence was scary. We had to bank very sharply to lose altitude. Granted, this was a few years ago when I wasn’t as into aviation as I am now. Still pretty scary as I remember.

Definitely mine was when we were flying from PTY we were landing at as soon as we touched the runway we landed perfectly but then suddenly the airplane turned wile landing and one side of the landing gear lift up in the air it felt like the plane was about to slide off but thankfully the landing gear touched the runway, that was extremely scary. After that I never had that experience that was a few years ago it was a B737-800

I was in KMSP and I went to go get some food and a creepy looking guy was following me from C-19 all the way to mcdonald’s, like he was right behind me the whole time it it was freaky, but i got my food and hustled back to the gate. it was CREEPY

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After thinking about this for a while, I remember when I was about 3 or 4 we had a tornado warning at DFW. Didn’t really know what a tornado was at the time, so I passed it off as nothing.


I only had 2 scary moments, well technically just one. The first one was my first experience of a go around. We were approaching RPVM (Cebu, Philippines, my aircraft was a Cathay Pacific B773 (B-HNE), arriving from HongKong, we were lining up for the localizer until suddenly the pilots issued a go around, made me anxious abit but calmed down immediately but my older brother who knows nothing about planes was scared but I calmed him down by telling him that go arounds are normal. The second was the exact same route, Hongkong to Cebu, but takes place about 1.5 years later. Our aircraft was a Cathay Paciric B77W (B-HNR). We were now lined up for the localizer however on approach, the aircraft suddenly dropped. Everyone said “WHOA”. I don’t know what happened there but I think the pilots ordered an excessive nose down command.

SLC-PHX last year. There was a massive thunderstorm moving in (one of Phoenix’s summer storms-absolutely insane). We were the last arrival into PHX before the diversions started happening. Needless to say it was a pretty scary approach and landing. Lots of sudden jolts and I’m 99% sure we landed on one main gear.

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None surprisingly ngly. I’ve always had a good experience :D

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Not exactly relating to the topic but I believe I’m going with my family on a flight from Queenstown to Wellington, South Island to North Island island transfer as we go on a two week vacation to explore all of NZ (this December). But landing in NZWN gives me the creeps… 😬😂

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I was descending into Las Vegas once, and it felt like whoever was working approach sure was trying to freak us all out. Descended from FL390 in a little less than 15 minutes. Was a fun roller coaster ride though!

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