Scared to fly Long Haul!

So yesterday night I was about to sleep then I thought, why not fly a Long Haul in infinite Flight? So I decided to fly EDDF-KLAX. So I hoped on to Flightaware copied the flightplan and all that stuff. I took off from EDDF reached my cruising altitude, i put my phone on charging, lower,all the grapichs and then i go to bed to sleep. But Im starting to think what if my phones battery life get ruined or what if my phone overheats . So I got up and ended my flight. and since yesterday Im curious because theress som many peopele flying long haul! But my question is should I be afraid of doing Long haul or doesnt it damage my phone?
I play on a huawei p10


Nothing will happen lol. don’t be scared


Hey there!
I highly recommend, with any device, that you do not put it on charge until it is in the last 10%, then put it on charge. If your phone cannot go 12 hours of Infinite Flight without a recharge don’t do it.
However if you wanna go ahead, don’t fret, your house won’t burn down.
Have a nice day!


Can you play Infinite Flight 12 hours on your ipad without recharging it?! Wow man you know that Infinite Flight takes a lot of battery!


Shouldn’t be any problem if you plan your fuel sufficiently, and don’t forget to set alarm to when you expect your flight reach near destination :)

Leave your phone charged, turn down the volume and screen brightness, set to scenic camera view, and set cruise speed not faster than M0.87 then your flight will be fine :)


The P10 has sturdy specs, I don’t think there should be a problem. Just keep the brightness to minimal while your in cruise.


Just lower the volume, turn brightness down and your all set. It was a bit intimidating when I did my first long haul (KLAX - OMAA ) but left my phone in the charge and landed with no issues

Why should you not charge the phone until you are at 10%? battery though?


No need to get scared. I did a flight from Chicago to Abu Dhabi that was 12 hrs and 50 minutes long and left it on the charger. Nothing will happen. Trust us.

Nothing will happen unless you have a Samsung Note 7…

Which by your post you don’t, so you’re fine 🙂


But Im afraid that my phones battery life will get damaged…

I dont think so… i already flew long haul countless times and my phone battery is still good as new. So the most important thing is try to keep your phone temp low.

They don’t design their phone to break that easily I believe 😁😁

Ok thanks guys tonight im flying my first long haul!

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Your phone won’t die. If you are nervous of this try a 7 hour flight first and then do a 12 hour flight. It is what I did to test the graphics and the simulator to see how my phone reacted. So far I have many long hauls without an issue besides some spotty internet connection.

That’s why I bought tablet for it, big battery capacity and big screen!
If I played on my phone for long flight then I won’t be able to do anything like texting… instagram and social media and stuff… :D

I think it should be fine~ All Electronics stuff will die one day… so why not just enjoy it! ;)

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The on thing I am worried about is the charging cables and all that. Most fires can be from charging your devices at night so to be safe when doing this ensure you use the genuine cables as I know with Apple around 80% or higher are not even safe to use. An example is a woman touched her iPhone with wet hands while using a fake Apple lighting cable and she got electrocuted. Other than that that you should be fine.

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I put my phone near a window if I am worried.

As long as you try your best to reduce heat as much as possible, you should be fine.
First, it would be best to take off your case, if you can. Second, once you’re in cruise, set EVERYTHING to the lowest possible setting (Rendering Quality: Low, Rendering Resolution: Low, Anti-Aliasing: Off, Limit Frame Rate: On). Also, make sure that you have Automatic Low Power Enabled in the General Settings. Third, when setting your device down, try to have the back side facing up. If you have a small fan or some way to keep it cool (without liquid or ice, obviously) then use it. Finally, I would still recommend that you charge it, depending on how much battery you have when starting the flight and how long the flight will be, and how long your device can last without charging. HOWEVER, do NOT use a fast charger. A fast charger can degrade the battery faster, especially when doing it overnight.

I’m doing one right now, actually! It’s completely fine, just make sure you watch you device until cruising so you don’t get speed violations.